Business Council for Cooperation with India

13 December The Interview Mr. Sergey Cheremin to journal "International Affairs"

10 December The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh since 15th to 17th december will be in Russia on an official visit

3 December Sistema JSFC, the Russian conglomerate with revenues of $28 billion, is looking for a bigger play in India despite the setback in the telecom sector due to lack of spectrum

2 December India's economy grew at the slowest rate for more than two years in the second quarter

26 November India is to throw open its $450bn retail sector to foreign supermarkets

10 November The V Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investment took place in Moscow

В Дели в отеле «Le Meridien» прошел VIII российско-индийский форум по торговле и инвестициям. В нем приняла участие делегация Москвы во главе с министром Правительства Москвы, руководителем Департамента внешнеэкономических и международных связей столицы Сергеем Черёминым.

С российской стороны на нем выступили вице-премьер Правительства РФ Дмитрий Рогозин и министр Правительства Москвы, руководитель Департамента внешнеэкономических и международных связей (ДВМС) столицы Сергей Черёмин, с индийской — министр торговли и промышленности Индии Нирмала Ситхараман.


Индию готовят к экономическому чуду. Новый премьер обещает масштабные преобразования


Международный экономический форум в Санкт-Петербурге

Представительство Торгово-Промышленной Палаты РФ в Индии

Председатель Центрального банка России

It should be admitted that the current level of bilateral trade falls far short of the huge potential of the Russian and Indian economies.
Enhanced business to business ties through regular buyerseller meets and business fairs would help in deepening the private sector engagement.

Chairman of the Board of the Business Council for cooperation with India

A qualitative factor – the dismantling of information barriers, which are paradoxical for our globalized and digitalized world – is moving to the forefront.

It was exactly on this day 3 years ago when Chennai and other major cities of Tamil Nadu were painted red and MTS brand started its journey in India. Since than MTS has rolled out its pan-India network and telecom services that are being used by more than 16 million customers. MTS has also launched its High Speed Data service in over 300 towns and operates its business through a retail universe of over 3 lakh outlets across the country. MTS India has completed a long journey during the last 3 years, it has risen rapidly within the telecom domain and has found a strong place for itself in a highly competitive market.

With great pleasure we congratulate MTS India with this anniversary and wish new victories!

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